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Monroe County Agricultural Society
P.O. Box 908
Tomah, WI. 54660
(608) 372-2081   
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Board of Directors
Chris Schreier- President
Bill Degenhardt –Vice President
Simon Wells –Secretary
Dave Schreier - Pull & Equipment Coordinator

Dave Kuehl - Sponsorship Coordinator

Carolyn Habelman - Vendor Coordinator

Ron Savall - Operations & Equipment Coordinator

Simon Wells-Meat and Animal Coordinator

Paul Dwyer - Public Relations 

Jr. Fair Board

Matt Kortbein, Jr. Board President

Joelle Liddane, Jr. Board Vice President





Lisa Schietler & Alex Knoepker - Vendor Committee

Julie Zebro - Marketing/Media Coodinator

Shae Fox - Operations Manager

Cassidy Fox - Fair Entry Secretary

Dan Murphy - Grounds Maintenance Manager


Dairy, Merry Kuderer
Beef, Simon Wells
Swine, Dale Greeno
Sheep, Kori Blank
Goats, Tom & Denise Murray
Horses (Junior Fair), Carol Las
Draft Horses, Andy Doyle 
Poultry, Doug Brown
Rabbits, Dawn Birkholtz & Hailey Birkholtz

Dogs, Jackie Menn
Llamas, Kristi Brown
Cats/Small Pets, Carol Las



Simon Wells , Chairman, Livestock & Beef Representative
Merry Kuderer, Dairy
Dale Greeno , Swine 

Eddie & Andy Doyle, Draft Horses
Nelda Bailey, Tomah Agricultural Instructor
Emma Huber, Tomah Agricultural Instructor
Eric Follendorf, Sparta Agricultural Instructor

Bailey Hart, Brookwood Agricultural Instructor
Kori Blank, Cashton Agricultural Instructor
Beth Kolodzinski, Royall Agricultural Instructor
Bill Halfman, Monroe Co. Ag Extension Agent
Josh Goede, 4-H Youth Development Agent






Talent Show